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August 28 2012


Safety Driving tips at night

You simply need to be alert and follow the traffic rules. Driving is a privilege and do not let it go by committing driving fault.

August 27 2012


Driving rules before overtaking

Whenever a lorry or a truck passes through two-lane avoid getting stuck alongside it. Before you start to pass the truck, make sure there is  plenty of space to drive.route.
Tags: theory test

August 23 2012


Pass Driving test with latest driving theory test CD

Driving test contains latest theory questions and 70+ hazard clips with unlimited features including official DSA practice clips, tips and hints, scoring mechanism demonstration graphics.

August 22 2012


City road driving tips

Frequently Changing lanes in congested roads areas increase the risks of colliding with other vehicles.
Tags: safe driving tips

August 20 2012


Practice Online Driving Test

The theory test is conducted by DSA at various test centres around the country. You can select your nearest test center from your region.

August 18 2012


Useful tips for maintain your vehicles

It is very difficult to drive in the winter condition. Always reduce your speed in the slippery surface.

August 16 2012


Tips to avoid driving accident

Not only drivers but the passengers and the child sitting in the car should wear the seat belt.
Tags: Driving tips

August 14 2012


Avoid Road Accident Useful Tips

Try to always check your car brakes, Lights, tires, and mirrors and Try to avoid driving at night if it is not an emergency.
Tags: safe driving

August 09 2012


Safety driving tips for young drivers

It is very important to know all the traffic rules when teenagers start driving for the first time in the road.

August 07 2012


How to reduce your driving fear?

Get comfortable with the vehicle and Adjust your seat, seatbelt, mirrors and Practice difficult driving manoeuvres

August 04 2012


Practical driving test appointment and online confirmations

Get practical driving test online booking confirmations by email. When book or change DSA test online, provide an email address to get booking confirmation.

August 03 2012


Vehicle requirement for Motorcycle driving test

Vehicle requirements for a Motorbike practical test. Motorcycle that used in DSA test must fulfill minimum practical test vehicle requirement.

August 02 2012


Practical Driving test vehicle requirement

Vehicle requirements for a DSA practical test. Vehicles that do not meet the test vehicle requirements are not use in the test

July 31 2012


Motorcycle manoeuvres for practical driving test

 Motorbike practical test includes vehicle safety questions, riding ability test, an eyesight test and a test of specific manoeuvres.

July 26 2012


Car practical manoeuvres for the driving test

Car practical test includes basic safety checks, eyesite test and road test etc.
Tags: driving car test

July 21 2012


Learner car driving tips to avoid crashes with motorcyclists

A motorcyclist may be in the space you want to move into, or moving into it fast. Remember your blind spot.

July 20 2012


Driving theory test new exam pattern - Is it difficult than before?

  DSA used to publish all theory test questions and answers till December 2011. So learner drivers knew exactly what will be asked in exam.

July 18 2012


Learner Drivers may able to take driving tests through Halfords soon

In future driving Tests might also be conducted at some universities, while there is also the possibility to involve Fire and Rescue Service.

July 07 2012


Important thing to drive in the crowded areas

Driving in crowed areas parked streets is more challenging and it required all around attention in the city.

July 06 2012


Important tips to drive in the road

If you licensed to drive in the public pleaces then you are lesser dependent upon others for your daily routine.
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